Ten Sports I’ve Photographed in 2022

Personally, 2022 has been a mixed bag for taking action photos.

I’ve shot over 700 football matches over the years but this past twelve months has probably been the leanest of them all. The free time allowed me to expand my photography. Here’s ten sports I snapped in 2022.


We’ll start with the staple of them all. Mainly because this image was taken right at the start of the new year. AFC Varndeanians versus Newhaven at the famous Withdean Stadium. I still get much enjoyment out of taking football pics but after publishing around 30,000 photos, it can become a little ‘samey’.


I’ve really enjoyed Boxing photography since being introduced to it in 2019. As long as the lighting is in your favour, then the Sport of Kings can throw out some beautiful images. And even if the lighting isn’t great, monochrome photos with high ISO can be super-evocative. This photo was taken in a white-collar boxing event back in September.


A first for me and one I’ve wanted to do for a while. Though be prepared if you do fancy taking action photos – you, and more importantly, your lens will get pelted by loose shale if you stand in the wrong place. I was blessed with a golden evening on the Isle of Wight for this event back in June.


Sticking with motorsports, another event I was introduced to this year was trials. Think ‘Kick Start’ and Dougie Lampkin. It’s an event where riders have to negotiate obstacles on a set course. I was amazed at how casual the event was, with super-friendly people. Not to mention how close you can get to the action.


For one weekend this year, football was halted due to the Queen’s death. It seemed a peculiar move by the FA considering most other sports continued. Rugby was a big beneficiary of this with increased attendances around the country. Here’s Dorking RFC on their way to victory over Worthing.

Sports Day

You may argue that Sports Day isn’t technically a sport but the clue is in the name. Okay – so you won’t see race varieties such as egg and spoon, three-legged and space hoppers (as pictured) in the Olympics, but they’re super fun. This was a gathering of the local community in Surbiton as organized by the fantastic Community Brain.


My go to sport in the Summer though I didn’t do nearly as much as I’d have liked. Often played in beautiful surroundings, it’s just as important to capture the landscape as it is the action. Here’s a very Southern Hemisphere-looking Ventnor Cricket Club back in June.

Motor Cycling

Back on two wheels for these next two entries and here’s an image from Brands Hatch in Kent. If you’ve not been before, it’s a great venue for photographers with plenty of vantage points to shoot. It’s hilly too, which makes for some interesting shots, such as my chosen one here.


Another easily accessible event which can yield some great action shots. There’s also plenty of competitions up and down the country on any given weekend. This was taken at West Meon in Hampshire back in April.

Skiing (Sort of)

Okay okay. It’s not really skiing but again, a wonderfully-fun event organized by the folks at Community Brain. Take willing competitors, strap them to blocks of ice and see them squirm their way down St Mark’s Hill in Surbiton. A delightfully entertaining Sunday which attracted a large and bemused crowd.