When Football Photos Go Viral

In the modern age of social media, instant sharing of images can take photos around the world in minutes.

I’ve had two notable cases of this with my photography this season – both during a football match.

The first saw Enfield Town goalkeeper Joe Wright emerged from the half time team talk. He was gifted a couple of chips and a swig of Guinness from the opposition fans behind the goal. The photo, first posted on Twitter and Instagram was soon shared tens of thousands of times and from outlets across the globe.

The second was a young fan who couldn’t wait to get close to one footballer, Hakeem Adelakun and wouldn’t let him go. It produced a good laugh from the crowd and a great smile from Hak. I shared the photo with the caption “Idols don’t have to be Premier League stars.” Again, it went viral and now ‘Non-League Day’ would like to use the photo for this year’s campaign.

Whilst both photos were taken during a football match, neither was of the action on the pitch. It’s those additional moments we sometimes ignore that actually make the best images. The moral of the story? Keep your camera ready at all times. Anticipate the unexpected. Both of these pics were taken with quick reactions to what was happening. Keep on your toes and your photo or video might soon be winging its way around the world.

Hakeem Adelakun patted by young fan
Joe Wright has a sip of drink